Thursday, October 1, 2009

Any Interest in Cricut Classes at the Retreat?

Thanks to Tanya, I am checking to see if there would be an interest in any of my Cricut Classes. For those of you who don't know about them, here is a list and a brief explanation of each class. If you are interested, click here to send me an email. If I have enough - 2 or 3 per class, I will put together a schedule and let you know! Each class is 2 hours and for this retreat ONLY, I will offer them for $10 each or any 2 for $15! And who knows... this just might be a CROP CASH opportunity, too! Check them out and let me know!

Beginning Cricut Class

This is for the person who hasn't done much at all with their machine. It doesn't matter which one you ahve, you will be comfortable with your machine and cutting up a storm by the time you leave class! It's also a good refresher course for those who do just the basics with it.

Among other things, you will...

  • learn to change the blade
  • move the blade around on your mat to place your cut
  • learn about blade depth, speed and pressure
  • sizing of image/font you want to cut
  • maintain your machinecut an image and shadow it
You will need to bring your Cricut if you have one or just come and learn about the machine!

Beginning Design Studio

In this class, you will learn how to...
  • update your firmware and your software
  • basic features of the software
  • flip, skew, rotate, stretch and resize any image or letter
  • welding
  • basic shadowingcombining two or more cartridges
Intermediate Design Studio

In this class, you will learn...
  • more in depth into basic features of the software
  • shortcuts
  • shape property menu
  • stacking letters
  • welding in a framemaking scallops
Advanced Design Studio

In this class, you will learn...
  • save your projects and share with others
  • find projects online and download them for your use
  • more intricute shadowing
  • use multiple cutting mats and layers in one project
  • remove part of a shape
  • quickly find shapes you need without searching through each cartridges
  • tips and tricks to make even basic functions easier
  • to make a shaped card
  • to make work books
  • to make your own chipboard!

Click here and send me and email to let me know if you are interested and I'll let you know how it works out!


  1. Thanks Janis, Sign me up for the Advanced Design Studio Class and if you need another one for the intermediate class, it probably wouldn't hurt for me to take that one again!!

  2. Just an idea - Jeannine is becoming quite the expert on the Gypsy - Maybe we can get her to do some training or Demo's!!

  3. Oh, Jeannine!!! Are you up for a demo? I'm sure there would be some who are interested! I know I can't wait to see how it works. Let me know!

  4. Oh Janis -Let's see....... what's it worth in crop cash ???!! Money speaks !!!!!

  5. Janis, Just wanted to say thanks for all you are doing in preparation for this retreat for us! I KNOW it alot of hard work but I know everyone will have a wonderful time and we will ALL appreciate the scrappin' time!

  6. Jeannine... we'll talk! How are you liking your Gypsy? I've been hearing good and not so good. I want to hear from someone I trust!

  7. Keli... You are so sweet! It is a lot of work, but I LOVE doing it! And I sure hope everyone has a good time.