Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Getting Ready

Name tags done - CHECK!

Make and take done - CHECK!

Rooming List to hotel done - CHECK!

Seating Chart done - CHECK!

Food ordered - CHECK!

Hotel rooms reserved and paid for - CHECK!

Salt and Pepper shakers - CHECK!

the list goes on and on.... but I am in "Retreat Mode"! Can you believe we are just a week away!!!

I've got to work on a schedule of some type! I'm trying keep it unstructured, but it has to have SOME structure so it will at least appear organized!!!

Cricut Classes
Scrapbooking time!
Random CROP CASH opportunities (I guess to schedule those would be an oxymoron, now wouldn't it!)

Just thinking out loud... don't mind me!

1 comment:

  1. You have been a very busy lady!! Just reading about it makes me tired. :) I, for one, can really appreciate all you have had to do. As the saying goes, "been there, done that". We are all getting very excited and counting down the days. Thanks, Janis.