Thursday, October 8, 2009

Snacks for CROP CASH

I am sending this out through my regular email… through my fancy, pretty email and on this blog! Hopefully it will reach everyone!!! Please check with your crop buddies and help pass the word and ask everyone to respond. Either by email… group email or on the blog!

When I asked before, I got a lot of something from each category responses. If you responded like that or similar, can you be a little more specific now that we are a little close? As I get responses, I will post them on the blog so everyone will know what we’ve got coming and what can be filled in. Just FYI… for both lunches and dinners, sweet tea is being delivered from the caterer, so I’m guessing we’ll have a lot of tea!

Also, I plan to get coffee going as early as I get in the room... which will open by 6:30am… HOWEVER, if you HAVE to have coffee before then, the rooms do have coffee makers, so you may have to make your first cup in your room!

Oh… AND… BREAKING NEWS…. The hotel has agreed to keep the crop room open until 2AM!!!! That’s 2 o’clock in the morning!!! MUCH better than the 10 pm it started out being and somewhat better than MIDNIGHT! And in case anyone is wondering… NO… you can’t be locked IN! Sorry.

Please respond to me about the snacks as soon as you know so I can get stuff posted. If you truly don’t know what you are going to be and you won’t know until next Wednesday, that’s fine, just let me know. We’ll work something out!!!

See you all next week!


  1. Janis Thanks for ALL the info......
    I will be bringing -
    Homemade Salsa
    Store Bought Chips
    Homemade CHOCOLATE Brownies
    And we HAVE TO HAVE some Diet Coke - 12 pack

  2. goes..I will be bringing:
    Chocolate Caramel Crackers (homemade)
    Chex Snack Mix (store bought)
    Bliss Chocolate or Kisses
    Soda (don't know what yet)
    And (thanks to my friend, Dee) Hazelnut Creamer!

  3. I will bring:
    Hershley Chocolate Cake (Homemade)
    2 - Two Liters of Sparking Tea
    Wheat Thin Toasted Chips (Store Bought)

    Let me know if there is a catagory that you are short in... I might want to add to my Crop Cash. Thanks.
    Vickie M.

  4. Lavon, I can't believe I beat you on the post this time... You must have slept in this rainy morning. :)

    Vickie M.

  5. No, Vickie, you did not beat me. I just forgot to sign my name. I am the Anonymous one. :) Janis, I hope you know who I am.

  6. Oh man, Lavon I can never get ahead of you...

    Vickie M.

  7. I can't remember what I told you I would bring but I have it on my list at home. I do remember promising....

    homemade english toffee
    shortbread cookie bars
    cheese ball with crackers
    two 2 liters of soda

    If I have forgotten anything, I will consult my list at home and make sure to bring everything I promised.

  8. Janet, you can just park that homemade english toffee at my table! Yummm! My favorite of ALL time!

  9. How about a peanut butter sheet cake? Have you ever had that - you know the one with the entire box of powdered sugar in the icing. Power food!!! I'll bring it. Cheerio, Mel

  10. It sounds WONDERFUL! Power food for Power scrapbooking! What a plan!

  11. but, this is from Dee...

    I am bringing:
    a case of bottled water.
    homemade beer bread.
    a bag of chocolate. (or three)
    possibly those luscious cupcakes with princess rings from Sam's
    a salty snack yet to be determined.

  12. Late on this one too!

    I will bring:
    hot chocolate mix with marshmallows
    Chili cheese dip (technical name: Crockpot Enchiladas)
    Russell Stover chocolates—flavor TBD

  13. so I guess I will make a double batch of english toffee. One for Janis and one for the rest of us! It really is addictive.

  14. Laura is bringing...
    Monster Munch (chocolate chips, peanuts, raisins, etc.)
    Hot Chocolate and creamer
    Twizzlers, jelly beans, or skittles (something chewy)

    and Janet... you don't have to do that, BUT... it would be awesome!!!

  15. Jeannine is bringing...

    Homemade –Cinnamon Bugle Mix
    Store bought –still thinking……
    Chocolate –Lendors Chocolate
    Beverage –Diet Coke

    Variety hot chocolate flavors……