Thursday, October 1, 2009

Add on to the Add on!!!

Thanks to Jeannine, I am adding a box of Hot Chocolate and a box of Tea Bags (regular or flavored of either the hot chocolate or tea bags) to share, will earn you the same CROP CASH as flavored creamer! I totally wasn't thinking about non-coffee drinkers!

Thanks, Jeannine... That just earned you $50 in CROP CASH!!!


  1. Count me in for some hot chocolate, as I don't drink coffee or tea! And maybe some marshmallows too, just for fun. :D

  2. Leave it up to Jeannine to think outside of the Box!!! I'm Signing up to bring Diet Coke - Morning Drink for the Witty!!! Jeannine what is it that you Really Drink in the morning????